Sagar – Sahodaya Bye-laws

Maharashtra-Housing-society-300x200These bye laws will be applicable only on the member schools and to the Sagar Schools Sahodya complex.

The Sagar Schools Sahodaya will :

a)            Be a voluntary association of CBSE affiliated schools located in the district of Sagar and near by districts..

b)            Remain unregistered unless it is resolve to register it.

c)            Have a membership fee of Rs. 5000/- at the time of registration and Rs. 3000/- per year. The yearly fees will have to be paid before March 31st. Both the fees may be revised as and when the members of Sahodaya find it necessary.

d)           Be able to add new members as and when schools apply for it.

e)            The Sahodaya meetings will be held in April, July, October and January each year. Any extra ordinary meeting will be called by the secretary with permission of the chair person.

f)             The Corum for any meeting will require more than 50% attendance. In the eventually that the Corum is not complete, the meeting will be adjourned.

g)            Every member is expected to attend at least three meetings in an academic year (1st April to 31st March).

h)            There will be yearly calendar of all activities of Sahodaya and its member schools.

i)              The main objectives of this voluntary organization are:

1)            To promote educational excellence in all member schools.

2)            To share educational know-how with each other.

3)            To conduct in-service workshop for member schools.

4)            To help out members with sharing of resources.

5)            To arrange workshops/ seminars/ symposia on education.

6)            To communicate with CBSE and be informed and to inform all members of any new intimation from CBSE.

j)              The Sahodaya will have an executive committee which will be elected by the members.

The term of the committee will be of two years and may be re-elected for another term.

The members of the committee and their duties and responsibilities will be as follows:

  1. Chairperson: will chair all meetings and will have the power to call for an emergency meetings. The chairperson in consultation of the executive committee after the approval of the general body will have the powers to alter the bye laws.
  2. Vice Chairperson: will chair the meetings in the absence of the chairperson. He/ she will complement in his/her activities.
  3. Secretary: will maintain correspondence of the Sahodaya. He/ she will write and file the minutes of all meetings. He/ she will be responsible for sending the agenda and letters for meetings at least ten days in advance. The secretary will circulate the minutes of the meetings for comments and after they are adopted, will file them.
  4. Joint Secretary: will share all duties with the secretary. He/ She will complement the secretary in all activities of the secretary. He/ she will write and file the minutes of the meetings.
  5. Treasurer: will maintain the accounts of the Sahodaya. He/ she will control all expenses of the Sahodaya programmes. Any expenses by any member will have to be incurred with prior permission of the chairperson and the treasurer. He/ she will present the budget for the accounting year and get it approved by the members. He/ she will collect membership fee and annual fee from new and existing members respectively.